Welcome to Felis.

Everyone is aware of the threats faced by the large wild cats on Planet Earth. The numbers of tigers, lions and other larger cat species are at critical levels and these animals need to be helped. Their precarious existence is well known and understood. However, there are numerous species of smaller wild cats who are lesser known but their plight is just as precarious and their need just as important.


This website has been created to raise awareness of those small cats and to hopefully raise money to fund research and support conservation projects to help protect these beautiful wild creatures. This site will show you cat species you might not have heard of, from the wonderfully fluffy Pallas’s cat (pictured above) from the ¬†highlands of Central Asia, to the tiny sand cat (pictured below) of North Africa. ¬†It also describes, and links to, some of the projects which are helping these cats so you can directly donate much needed money to support research and conservation.

You can also donate directly to Panthera’s small cat project using the donate button at the top of the page.

In this way you will be doing your bit to ensure that these beautiful cats are here for future generations to enjoy and that no cat gets left behind, no matter of their size.


You can find out more about endangered small wild cats, and the Felis initiative, through the links at the top of the Home Page.