Firstly here at Felis we would like to say thank you for all who contributed and helped towards the setting up and running of Felis.


Felis reWhfPallasCatsearches as much as is possible to credit the photographers whose beautiful pictures are used on this site and on the Social Media pages but unfortunately sometimes the information is not readily available. If you see a picture that is either yours, someone you know or you are able to assist us in crediting the photographer please let us know.

Felis is a non-profit organisation and no gain will have been taken from your work. It is used simply to increase awareness and help save these beautiful animals for future generations to enjoy.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank two key contributors to helping set Felis up:


Key References:

Many of the facts that are presented in this book referencing Cat behaviors, colours, sizes and distribution are taken from the book Small wild Cats – The Animals Answer Guide by James G Sanderson & Patrick Watson published The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.

Information was also provided from Wild Cats of the World by Luke Hunter published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

The few Cat calls that you can hear were found at The Macaulay Library