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Marbled Cats

One of the most elusive of the small wild cats if the Marbled cat. Due to a lack of research not much is known about this beautiful cat. Through camera trap sightings we think this cat diurnal and we understand they hunt both in… Continue Reading “Marbled Cats”

Small Wild Cat Olympics (Round II)

Following on from last week’s Olympic Small Cats we feature some more record breaking cats. SMALLEST OF THE SMALL WILD CATS: RUSTY SPOTTED CAT The Smallest of the Small Wild Cats is the tiny Rusty Spotted Cat. At just roughly 45cm in length and… Continue Reading “Small Wild Cat Olympics (Round II)”

A Paws for thought

Taking a break from our Small wild cat lineages we look at paws. Along with tails and ears (see previous posts), it is another physical trait whereby we can see some morphological differences in small wild cats. In this post, we will look at… Continue Reading “A Paws for thought”

FELIS – Small cat lineages cont..

Pardofelis lineage. Continuing our look at Small wild cat lineages we have come to the Pardofelis lineage. This was the second to diverge after the Panthera lineage and is understood to contain 3 of our current small wild cats. It’s believed this divergence occurred… Continue Reading “FELIS – Small cat lineages cont..”