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Small wild cat names etymology:

Cats names and their meanings are often fascinating (at least in our eyes). Many small wild cats are named after the naturalist that discovered them, or more accurately, were the first to document them for science. Some of these cats also have interesting native… Continue Reading “Small wild cat names etymology:”

The Small Wild Cat Olympics.

Something we get asked a lot at FELIS is; which is the fastest cat or which is the smallest cat of the wild cat species, so here we look at some of the Small Wild Cat Olympic Winners! WORLDS FASTEST SMALL CAT: SERVAL Everyone… Continue Reading “The Small Wild Cat Olympics.”

FELIS – Small cat lineages cont..

Caracal Lineage: Continuing our look at small wild cat lineages today we look at the third lineage to diverge; The Caracal lineage. The divergence is believed to have happened around 8.5 million years ago and includes a further three of our current small wild… Continue Reading “FELIS – Small cat lineages cont..”

FELIS – Ears!

Last week we looked at tails and how a cats habitat can affect their morphology. In the same way, a cats hunting habits can have a strong impact on the physiology of a cats ears. As you can see from the images below, cats… Continue Reading “FELIS – Ears!”