FELIS – Melanistic Cats

Melanistic Cats

A cats fur colour can vary greatly, even among those born in the same litter. Small wild cats born of the same litter can typically be spotted/stripped or plain but also all black. This black colouring of the fur is due to an increased amount of melanin, a black pigment in the fur. Cats with this trait are typically referred to as melanistic and as far as is known this black fur mutation can happen in all cat species. The pictures below show some examples; can you guess what cats they are?

Geoffroys cat
Photo credit: Big Cat Rescue
A melanistic Pampas Cat
Photo credit: Fred Hood (www.fredhoodphotography.com/
A melanistic Serval
Photo Credit: Torsten Bohn
Jungle Cat // Photo credit: Christian Hunold
A melanistic Jaguarundi
Photo Credit: Pete Oxford
A melanistic Kodkod or Guigna
Photo credit: Jim Sanderson


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